Video: When Autofill Is Not A Feature

So we thought we’d start a video series to make recruiting a little more interesting. We put some good thought into the topics we cover and while they are meant to be engaging, they are also meant to be thought-provoking. So, please enjoy our take on the Autofill feature of your job search.

Below the video is the transcript for those who prefer to read along.

Enjoy the video!



Hi folks, Mark here with RightJobNow, and today we are talking about the Autofill feature in keyword search.

So, the idea behind autofill is to provide a prefilled list of your facilities to a job seeker once a keyword is entered. From there, the candidate chooses a preferred location and finds a preferred job within that location.

Certainly this feature is very helpful when, as a job seeker, you don’t know exactly where a company has jobs available. What states, cities, towns, and so forth.

But, there are limits where autofill loses its function as a feature and makes the process of job search frustrating.

Case in point, this search.

[cue overlay]

I like that right off the bat I can search for a job. That’s how you career page should be set up. Let the job seeker get right to business. Put your information below the search for review later. Show me the jobs first.

So let’s search for a job in IT. And we’ll choose Texas.

Lots of choices for Texas here. We’ll go with Texas, US. Click Search.

Zero results.

I’ll change the radius from 15 to max. 50 miles.

Again. Zero results.

Let’s change the location. Texas County, Missouri.

Ok. We’ve got some results. However, nothing to do with IT.

So let’s skip the keyword and I’ll select IT from the dropdown.

Ok. There you go. Zero jobs.

And then there’s the map search feature, showing all of your locations.

But look. You don’t have ANY jobs in Texas. In fact, you have nothing west of the Mississippi.

So WHY have Texas as a destination in your location search? Why are you wasting my time by showing me locations where you don’t do business?

You’ve just given me a horrible candidate experience that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

[cut back to Mark]

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but I’ve spent hours looking for a job with several companies and now I get to you, someone who I valued as an employer, and you give me this horrible experience.

What does that say about you as an employer?

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