The Career Hub CRM

Engage Your Candidates. Build Relationships. Recruit And Retain.

Our multi-featured career hub provides your recruiters with actionable data and your candidates with automated recruitment marketing information that puts jobs and organizational information at their fingertips and creates a positive ROI.

You want to engage candidates, both passive and active, who show potential as new hires. The typical response? Point them to a talent community sign-up on your career site.

Goodbye “Just Looking.” Hello “New Hire!”

Thing is, a typical “talent community” doesn’t provide any real engagement with your company. Beyond collecting an email address and auto-responding with job recommendations that bear little relevance to a candidate’s interests, there is no engagement.

The RightJobNow Career Hub is a robust suite of personalization features that lets candidates search, save, set and receive, and share relevant jobs that interest them and match their skills and expertise while providing you real information on their actions and preferences.

All The Candidate Data You Need.

The RightJobNow Career Hub delivers critical candidate data and information to help you build relationships with passive candidates and then apply and hire when the right opportunity comes along.

Candidate profiles, resumes, job interests, contact information, jobs they’ve viewed, facilities and organizations they’re interested in working at – the kind of data and analytics you need fill critical positions in your facility.

Want to see how incredible your jobs and facility could look to candidates?

Just click the button to see our demo. No appointment or phone call required.

Once you see the demo, you’re going to want RightJobNow for your organization.

The Candidate's Toolbox:

Save Job Searches

The RightJobNow Career Hub lets candidates save entire strings of search results for job classes in a specific region or at specific locations, so they can go back and interact with each posting at their convenience.

Save Individual Jobs to a List of Favorites

Candidates can get as granular as they want in saving job interests. Individual jobs across your entire network of locations can be saved to a single list of favorites for individualized preferences.

Receive Non-intrusive Job Alerts by RSS

Job feeds provide a simple way to receive opportunities without feeling bombarded by email.

Share Jobs with Friends and Colleagues

Candidates can send individual job offers to friends, colleagues, or family members, over social media or by email.

Refine Email Alerts and Choose a Delivery Schedule

Of course, what’s a talent community without the traditional email notification? But with the RightJobNow Career Hub, you get a little more than just tradition.

Select as many job types as desired, regions of interest, and locations of interest if your company has more than one. Select work types. And set a delivery schedule.

Settings with multiple job classes and locations are delivered in separate emails so there’s no clutter or confusion.

Access Right in the Job Description

RightJobNow not only improves the readability of your job descriptions automatically, job seekers can also find many of the Career Hub tools there, too. Save jobs to a list of favorites, share jobs with others, add email notifications, view details about the facility hosting the position, and apply directly to your ATS.

Set your talent community apart with a branded experience that engages, communicates, and provides data that turns job seekers into hires.

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