Using Instagram for Your Healthcare Recruitment Marketing

I don’t think I need to spend time explaining to you just how big a social media tool Instagram is today.

Goodbye Facebook! So long Twitter! Heeeeelllllooooooo Instagram.

And why not? Communicating through pictures is how we live today.

Our phones are no longer measured by their ability to make phone calls, but by how well they take photos and video.

And we carry that phone/camera everywhere.

So how you can use Instagram to promote your recruiting operation?

1. Make a Plan

One way is attracting candidates by promoting your employer brand.

Building and promoting your employment brand on social media, especially a platform like Instagram, takes work.

To make a tool like Instagram work for you requires continuously updating your account with images and video.

People live in the here and now and those successful marketers, like the Kardashians and Taylor Swifts of the world, know that posting content regularly keeps their audience coming back again and again.

The first thing I’d suggest you do is to create a plan that would outline the kind of photography and video you’d like to include, determine the number of postings per day, and line up some additional marketers that can help you with the process.

2. Tell Your Story

Great storytelling through photos and video is key to gaining the interest of your employees and potential candidates.

  • Cover department or units for a day.
  • Highlight hospital employees that go above and beyond.
  • Promote the excellent relationships that exist between your clinical staff and physicians.
  • Go behind the scenes. Give people an inside look at what life in your facility is like on a daily basis.
  • And don’t forget your evening, overnight, and weekend staff!

3. Promote Your Facility

Community activities are excellent opportunities for promoting your facility. The efforts not only the hospital makes, but also what your employees are active in supporting.

Use Instagram to promote your facility and daily operations.

While you’re promoting staff and departments, you can also feature technology that may be new to your facility and a draw for some clinicians.

For instance, new imaging tech or surgical instruments.

4. Showcase Daily Operations

Showcase how your facility operates and what makes it unique to your staff and candidates.

Stories that bring light to the things potential candidates are looking for in and want in an employer, that’s what makes employment branding.

Show followers the view of your organization they wouldn’t usually see from traditional media.

5. Recruit!

Don’t hesitate to use Instagram to recruit actively. There’s nothing wrong with employees pitching in support of your recruiting effort.

Just like referrals, using employees as recruitment marketing pros makes sense. Who better to promote and sell positions within their departments than those that work in them!

And Don’t Forget #Hashtags!

Hashtags are an essential part of social media, especially in recruiting. And especially in Instagram.

Use hashtags people that are searching for jobs would typically use. Like #nursingjobs, #yourhospital name, and so forth. But don’t overdo it and dilute your brand to irrelevance.

Keep it simple and consistent.

So, To Sum Up Instagram

1. Have a plan. Great storytelling is the key!
2. Develop a shot list.
3. Create and stick to a schedule. Be consistent!
4. Enlist the help of staff to assist with telling your story.
5. Use hashtags.

Look, today’s social-media-savvy, young professionals are looking for ways to connect with you. And to stay competitive in the effort to attract their attention, Instagram is a key.

It’s a phenomenal way to promote your employment brand and highlight your people and your organization.

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