Why Google For Jobs Is Necessary for Your Recruitment Strategy

You’re likely aware of Google’s new job search engine and its cloud API, but maybe you’re not sure why Google for Jobs is necessary for your recruitment strategy. Well, let’s take a look.

Google for Jobs is basically an aggregate of jobs from varying companies and works much like Indeed. Except instead of going to a website, when you search for a job in a specific job class or region or company on Google, you’ll see a Jobs box near the top of the search results listing jobs based on your query.

Google cuts to the chase by putting jobs directly in their search results. The results have filters, salary information, and other company-related info to help you find what you’re looking for.

The whole thing is powered by the Google Cloud Jobs API, which uses machine learning to identify how job titles and skills relate to one another to closely match what the job seeker is looking for.

According to Forbes, recruiting is a $200 billion market with sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, Indeed, and others reaping the rewards of organic search traffic. These are the sites that sit at the top of nearly all job search results.

Jobs from these sites now show up in Google for Jobs search results.

This could mean big gains for you. As Google’s artificial intelligence model learns more about how jobs are classified and related semantically, job seekers will find the jobs that are most relevant to their needs and skills quicker without having to go through several job boards.

This means you will receive more qualified applicants to your jobs.

    • Your jobs

    • are placed more prominently in front of organic search traffic
    • target and attract more qualified applicants
    • and increase the chances of your jobs being discovered for more applicant conversions.


Access to the Cloud API can be purchased by any company, but you can also edit your job postings to include the structured data in Google’s job posting guidelines and Google will index your jobs. For free.

That might sound like a simple solution, but the downside is your ATS most likely does not support that kind of editing so either you’re stuck with what you’ve got or you pay Google to list your jobs.

The easy get-around to this is RightJobNow. We build the support for Google for Jobs into our job postings, which we aggregate from your site.

It’s the same job description you pushed to your ATS, but we add in the metadata so your jobs get listed in Google for Jobs search results.

This way your jobs listed in the results are all your jobs and not jobs mixed in with other companies from aggregates like Indeed, Glassdoor, or others.

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