How to Get Your Jobs Placed in Google for Jobs

In June, Google released their much-discussed job search engine, Google for Jobs, and shortly after, Google Hire, their applicant tracking system.

So what is Google for Jobs?

Google explains that Google for Jobs is an enhanced search that aggregates listings of jobs from other sources like your careers sites and jobs boards, such as Indeed, and displays them within the Google Search results.

It builds upon the Google Cloud Job API. According to Google, the Google Cloud Job API, “uses machine learning to understand how job titles and skills relate to one another and what job content, location, and seniority are the closest match to a jobseeker’s preferences.”

Some analysts that say these recent offerings from Google will be a game changer in the job search and result market. The critical part of this system for your organization is ensuring that your job postings appear in the Google Job search results.

How to get your jobs on Google for Jobs

Google provides a couple ways for you to have your jobs appear in their search results. Either use a third-party job site or by integrating directly with Google.

Using a third-party job site

According to Google, Google for Jobs is not a job board. It’s an enhanced search tool, so there’s no way actually to post jobs to Google. Instead, it scrapes your already-published job postings.

So, if your jobs appear on job boards that are integrated with the Google job search, you’re finished. Your job listings will now show up in the search results as part of a dedicated grouping of job listings near the top of the page.

Integrating directly with Google
Here’s a list of a few job boards, recruiting sites, and companies that have integrated with Google for jobs. Postings on these platforms will automatically appear in the Google search box.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Monster
  • com
  • Snagajob
  • CareerBuilder

And others.

Integrate with Google for Jobs

The other way to get your job listings to show up on Google for jobs is by directly integrating with Google. To do this requires that you edit the HTML of your job postings. That is the most reliable method to ensure that Google indexes your jobs.

But, chances are your ATS has not, and most cases, will not make changes to their overall programming to accommodate this requirement.

An overlay tool, like that integrates with your ATS, does include the programming necessary to ensure all of your job postings appear in Google for Jobs search results, in addition to its first-in-class SEO that guarantees your jobs are at the top of the search results from any search engine.

As a rule, remember, the more optimize your job descriptions for search engines, the higher you’ll rank in the search results.

  • Use relevant keywords and phrases that relate to your job title and description
  • Avoid in-house jargon or slang
  • Include bulleted lists detailing job skills required
  • Be brief
  • Make sure you ATS includes employment type
  • Don’t advertise things like career fairs or other hiring events (Google will toss you)

Take a look at our blog post 12 Tips to Writing Effective Job Postings Online. It’s chocked full of useful information for you to follow. If you’d like to see some working examples of job postings, go here and here.

Getting on Google for Jobs is another tool available for you to increase exposure for your brand and career opportunities. But to take advantage of the search parameters that the Google Cloud API offers, your job postings need to be detailed and concise.

And if your jobs are posted on your career site through an ATS then you’ll need an application like to ensure that you appear in Google for Jobs and have higher search engine rankings.

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