What is RightJobNow?

What is RightJobNow?

RightJobNow is a consumer-driven, attract-and-engage candidate experience platform with first-in-class search methods, recruitment marketing tools, and data collection in a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that integrates with your existing ATS.

RightJobNow transforms your jobs into a recruiting engine that will deliver more engaged and knowledgeable candidates to your recruiters more efficiently than ever before.

Candidates are leaving sites with outdated tools and candidate experiences. ATS search methods are painful and time-consuming especially without a useful mobile search.

RightJobNow is a powerful recruitment marketing tool that provides an incredible candidate experience for a conduit of qualified candidates to apply for and fill your open requisitions.

RightJobNow Job Search

Candidate Satisfaction starts with your Job Search.

Most ATS and Overlay Keyword job searches FAIL at every touchpoint in the process.

Job search is the cornerstone of your platform.

Done right, it connects candidates with the jobs that fit them, quickly and easily.

Job Search done right

Because, if they can’t find your jobs they can’t apply to them.

Our Search Methods

RightJobNow delivers the BEST job search methods of any job search available today.
With not one, but THREE search methods to satisfy every type of applicant search need.

RightJobNow offers three types of searches

  1. Advanced filtering and type-ahead suggestions for the most accurate and reliable keyword search anywhere.
  2. Location based search. You know where you are. Why make job seekers guess? Just show them!
  3. Pinpoint map search with all the details regarding the number of jobs in an employment class at each of your locations.

Job filters so candidates can quickly narrow the scope of their search.

RightJobNow Search decreases search drop-offs and connects job seekers quickly and easily.

Improve Employer Brand with Description Pages

RightJobNow Informs and educates your applicants before they apply! Providing them with detailed facility information pages.

Rich content pages with photos, video, map linking, and social media sharing.

RightJobNow provides you with rich content pages

With detailed job description pages providing candidates with beautifully displayed job content.

Career Pages on Every Device

RightJobNow Career Platform is a powerhouse recruitment marketing engine.

Marketing pages and content that inform, educate, and prepare your candidates for your organization.

Pages built to modern design standards that display on all devices and browsers.

RightJobNow works on mobile

Make the most of social recruiting by including all your social media and even blog content.

Deliver pages and content that speak to your applicants as valued and important stakeholders in your organization.

RightJobNow creates an employment brand that’s a first-class representation of your company and culture.

The RightJobNow Career Hub

Your typical Talent Community email collection is boring and useless to job seekers.

The RightJobNow Career Hub is a candidate job tool every passive job seeker loves to use.

candidates love hte RightJobNow Career Hub

Candidates can save favorite jobs, searches, facilities, and more.

Create RSS feeds of searches that automatically update with jobsp.

Provide detailed career info including resume and contact information.

Along with creating highly-detailed and targeted job email alerts that update weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.

A Powerful Marketing and Communications Tool to Attract and Engage Job Seekers

RightJobNow is a powerful marketing and communications tool to attract and engage your passive job seekers.

Use targeted email campaigns as a recruitment marketing tool to update passive job seekers about important information regarding your organization.

These tools create a better ROI for your recruiting effort and they’re vital to keeping passive candidates informed and engaged.

Your email is targeted, based on the candidate’s specific job criteria and searches.

JobMail is targeted and branded

Analyze member data to find candidates for hard-to-fill opportunities.

Source your Career Hub candidates faster.

Save marketing dollars by connecting with candidates that are already interested in your organization.

RightJobNow SEO

RightJobNow Search Engine Optimization – where everyone finds your jobs.

Drive candidates and applicants to your career site from search!

RightJobNow provides the most efficient SEO of any ATS or jobs overlay tool available. Our SEO practices give you opportunities not possible with your ATS.

Search-optimized career pages push your site to the top of relevant keyword job searches in Google, Bing, and others.

RightJobNow puts your jobs at the top of search

Individual optimized job descriptions and reader-friendly URLs that allow search engines and job boards to match all the relevant keywords in searches like job titles, job classes, and geographic locations.

Your job posts optimized for the new Google Jobs search.

Decrease your job board and per-click spending by having content that allows your applicants to find you organically.

RightJobNow is Your Recruitment Marketing Platform for Every Device

A completely responsive design system. Providing an amazing candidate experience across all devices and modern browsers.

RightJobNow is a completely responsive design system

The result is lower candidate drop-offs and increased applicant conversion rates.

With RightJobNow you can avoid using your dysfunctional ATS search and interface.

RightJobNow provides a reliable technical platform from coast-to-coast and around the world.

RightJobNow integrates with your ATS data and allows for clean and distinct recruitment brand.

RightJobNow creates a spectacular candidate experience that attracts and engages job seekers every time on any device.

It’s job search done right.

TL;DR? Enjoy the video version of this article below.

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