What Makes a Great Career Site and Why You Need One

Today, we want to talk about the reasons why a great career site is a necessary component of a successful recruitment marketing strategy.

Don’t Make Your Job Posts Go It Alone

Recently we offered some advice about improving your job posts by listening to your current employees and letting their thoughts inform your writing. We mentioned that word choice really matters here, in part because job posts are almost invariably constructed of words only.

But we also know that a picture is worth a thousand words. And as for video — video is worth a whole heap of pictures put together with some audio added in, because, well, that’s what it is. Right?

Our point here is this: why make your job posts do all the heavy lifting on their own? Well, if you don’t have a compelling career site, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Because a dedicated career site does what job posts alone — or even job posts plus corporate sites alone — cannot. They can use words and pictures and video and audio and social media and whatever else you want to put up there, to give job seekers a sense of your organization’s culture.

The Role of Social Media

While you may be thinking that all this brand-building is what social media is for, you need to know that a great career site does what social media can’t. It can pull it all together for you, displayed beautifully in the arrangement of your choice, with as much visual real estate as you want. So while social media is a terrific place to advertise and lead people to your career site — in fact, we heartily recommend your doing so — it can never take the place of one.

So What Makes a Great Career Site?

Over the past decade or so, we’ve studied the elements that comprise a great career site. We’ve paid attention. And we’ve learned a few things.

Job seekers — particularly those with high-demand, specialized, technical or clinical skills — want to know not just what is required by a particular job. They also want to know what your organization is like. What principles does your company value? What sort of support system do you have in place for employees? What sort of benefits do you offer? What opportunities are there for education, growth, and leadership? What are your facilities like? How is your organization viewed in your community? In your field? And perhaps the most important question of all, what sort of people will they be working with?

So here’s an example of a career site built to attract quality candidates by educating them about all that’s great about an organization. We created this site for a mid-size healthcare system called American Regional Medical.
what makes a great career site
Full disclosure here — it’s actually a demo site for a fictional organization, but we think it’s compelling enough that people might actually want to apply for its made-up job openings.

So go ahead. Take a look. See how easy it is to navigate. Look how readily you can catch up on organizational news, learn about company benefits, and see current employees actively engaged in carrying out the company’s mission. And notice how easy it is to search for jobs. You won’t believe the number of organizations’ sites we come across who seem to have purposefully buried their job search. Not here. We’ve made it easy. Easy to see. Easy to do.

Bonus Tip: Never, Ever Call to Schedule a Demo

Demos are great. They show you what a tool is capable of. But why on Earth should you have to contact us? To schedule a demo? Why not just come see our totally free, no-strings-attached, it’s-out-there-for-all-the-world-to-see demo?

So today, while you’re there poking around our good-looking demo career site, use one of those SEARCH buttons to check out our demo job search — totally free, no-strings-attached. It’s a mobile-friendly tool called RightJobNow. We employ three options for search — by job class, by location, and by keyword — so that you can, in turn, employ the best candidates.

And if we can do all this for a company that doesn’t even exist, just think what we can do for you.

The bottom line is that a great career site is one that makes people want to come to work for you, which means it is an indispensable recruitment tool. Contact us today, and let us help you create a compelling, meaningful, attractive career site.

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