make your recruiting a candidate first experience

The Candidate Experience is Your Only Chance to Make a First Impression

You’re probably one of the 75% of organizations that use an ATS in your recruiting strategy. Which means you most likely receive the majority of your applications through your applicant tracking system.

An ATS is great for sorting through applications and reducing hiring times, but these legacy systems do nothing to make the experience of using them pleasant for the job seeker.

A poor candidate experience, you know, is the largest complaint by users that encounter an ATS in their job search.

Kludgy, outdated, poorly coded, inflexible, these are just a few of the descriptors used to express candidate frustrations.

And that’s a real problem when you already have a shortage of talent within your industry.

The thing is, applicant tracking systems as the one you currently employ not only provide terrible experiences for candidates, those who have been accustomed to suffering through a poor job search and application process in the past are realizing now that other systems are more in line to adapting to today’s technological challenges – namely, through mobile responsive platforms.

Now I could start throwing mobile usage and industry statistics at you left and right, I love doing that, but I’m certain you are already aware of your particular recruiting situation enough to have seen them all. Besides I think many surveys are really just bloated or biased results to emphasize a selling point.

I’ll just ask you this:

Is There Room In Your Current Recruiting Strategy To Offer A Better, More Favorable Candidate Experience?

We think there is. We believe we’ve developed an affordable option for large and small organizations alike that can bring your current ATS experience to a whole new level.

RightJobNow doesn’t replace your ATS; it makes it easier for the user to engage with your jobs and complete your applications using your current system, without disturbing the data collected by your recruiters. In fact, we provide you more refined data to help you make even better recruiting decisions.

Other systems profess to do the same, but none deliver like RightJobNow.

RightJobNow has been imagined, created, tested, revised, deployed and perfected over more than a decade to provide immeasurable value for any business determined to provide the best candidate experience in recruiting.

Take a moment to go through our demo and experience for yourself all of the pieces to the recruiting puzzle that we offer, and we promise you will see an abundance of opportunity to offer a quality experience that will boost your employer brand and capture the attention of candidates.

And it fits all budgets, whether you choose just a few options or the whole shebang.

Regardless of the size of your organization, we can afford to offer you an inexpensive product that integrates with your existing ATS and provide you that front-end experience that your current system lacks.

How can such a product that promises to do so much cost so little?

Because we aren’t beholden to investors. RightJobNow is a product that we built on our own dime, over years of research and development.

No one is funding us to have this software made available, so there is no one pressuring us to meet profit margins. All it costs us is time. And that is easily recouped by offering a highly competitive product at an affordable price to those organizations that want to provide an engaging experience with a focus on the candidate.

RightJobNow is an affordable alternative for any business, large or small, to the high cost of upgrading or replacing your current ATS.

If you’re ready to experience something amazing and refreshing to the recruiting industry, take the first step and contact us.

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