google to tank rankings in 2015

How Google Will Tank Your Online Recruiting Strategy in 2015

Employers continue to brush off the need to adopt mobile in their online recruiting strategy despite several studies finding that nearly 90 percent of job seekers prefer to look for jobs from their phones.

The number of companies not supporting mobile job search and apply is still around 80 percent. Astounding. This despite the revelation last year that there are about 1 billion job searches per month performed on smartphones.

Well, if you still think implementing a mobile recruiting strategy is not a worthwhile investment, consider how Google is about to impact your online recruiting efforts.

Starting April 21, the Goog will rank mobile sites over non-optimized sites in their search results.

While this won’t affect desktop searches, it will dramatically impact mobile searches. Your non-optimized career site will be demoted in ranking as Google promotes other sites optimized for mobile devices over yours.

By other, I mean your competitor with an optimized platform.

As Google strives to make its search engine better for users, this is a smart and predictable move. They’ve been rolling out mobile conversion tools for years now.

Also, unlike past algorithm updates from Google, this one will roll out globally at the same time, so there won’t be anything to preface its impact as with previous eventual rollouts. The only impact you need to consider is your site will fall in ranking.

Put it this way, the number one position in Google captures about 32 percent of organic traffic. A rank two spot captures only fourteen percent. And rank three, just under ten percent. Everything below that on page one captures less than five percent of click through traffic. Forget it if you end up on page two of the results.

Mobile recruiting is making headway in talent acquisition. It’s already an expected experience by most mobile users and these candidates are more likely to engage with your company if you are mobile.

Not leveraging the technology that will put your recruiting platform on phones and tablets now will sink your recruiting efforts in the future. Especially with this new move from Google which still holds the majority (67.3 percent) of search engine traffic in the U.S., and roughly 87 percent of the market share of mobile.

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