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Does Your Talent Community Really Engage Passive Candidates?

Your recruiting team wants to connect the best candidates to the right jobs with your company, but too often the best candidates are passive job seekers.

How do you capture the interest of those individuals who are not quite looking for a career change and need some prodding?

The typical lure is a talent community.

More or less this is an email opt-in to receive job offers that may or may not align to that passive candidate’s interest. Something that sounds like there should be some interaction dies right there after the individual clicks submit.

Now, while there may come some good quality candidates from your standard talent community, the main problem for recruiters is there’s no way to gauge the potential of a passive candidate this way.

Of course, that is the job of your recruiters – to engage these potential candidates once they sign up to receive notifications. But an email address simply does not impart any sort of qualifications, and the little personal information that is asked of these passive candidates is so uninformative your recruiter is really going in blind and hoping for the best.

That translates to a waste of recruiting effort and dollars spent.

What you really want to do is put as much of the weight of this interaction on the passive candidate so engagement levels can be turned into data.

With actionable data, your recruiters stand a better chance of turning passive candidates into applicants and applicants into hires.

This means going deeper than just collecting emails.

It means letting the candidate find the content they want to consume and putting it to use in a way that suits their interest, at the same time providing you important data about that engagement.

Let them create a personal account that ties into your career site and lets them manage the information they seek. Tie it into your job search. Provide a way for them to save job offers and job searches, share jobs with friends or communicate with a recruiter.

Let them apply from within the account. Store their information so they can apply to multiple jobs without having to enter and reenter that information every time.

Nothing turns away more candidates than a lengthy, tedious and repetitive information dump that takes hours to complete.

And most important, make sure everything works on the phone.

You’re sure to have seen the stats on mobile use today. Job seekers use their phones for practically everything. If your jobs aren’t available on the phone you are missing out on a large number of potential job applicants.

Make no mistake about that statement. Mobile use is rising above desktop at a rapid clip. Soon to overtake it.

Providing all these interactive features will turn your email collection into a data-driven recruiting machine.

Passive candidates are some of the most important recruits you can attract. They are the most qualified and the most valuable assets of their current employer.

In fact, there’s a report by LinkedIn (pdf) that says only 15% of passive candidates are not interested in changing jobs.

That means there’s a whole lot of potential waiting for you. Time to get that talent community up to speed to receive them.

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