referrals that put your employees in the recruiting driver seat

10 Ways Your Employee Referral Program Could Drive Better Hires

It’s been a fact for decades – employee referrals remain the number one source for quality hires over your other recruiting efforts.

They have a longer retention rate. They rank higher in diversity hires. They outperform in their role with your organization. And they are a better cultural fit because they have already been vetted by your employees.

What if you could harness the efficiency of employee referrals and build a stronger engagement between your employees and your company to ensure you captured more of these quality hires?

It would certainly cut down on your recruiting costs to have employees doing the recruiting. And you could build a powerful team of like-minded individuals.

What Does It Take to Put Your Employees in the Recruiting Driver Seat?

1. You could start with something that’s easy to use. Something that’s easy to understand, is intuitive, and doesn’t require a lot of effort.

2. You’d probably want something branded to your organization and works on both desktop and mobile.

3. It would require a dashboard where employees could store information, therefore it would have to reside on a secure server.

4. You’d likely want to alert employees when their candidate has accepted or rejected an offer.

5. You should probably provide an area in the dashboard where referrals can be managed.

6. Add to the above, somewhere to keep a list of friends whose info can be managed.

7. You could then provide pre-populated referral info to allow multiple referrals per candidate.

8. And your employees would most likely want to be kept abreast of candidates hired and rejected.

9. On the backend, you’d like want a system of notification and administration for your recruiters.

10. And you’d want this recruiter dashboard to integrate seamlessly with your ATS.

You can get this great referral system through RightJobNow. We call it TeamUp Now.

How Your New Referral Program Works

The process is really simple.

An employee interested in referring a friend would create an account on the referral website and gain access to the online dashboard.

The employee can then enter the information of as many friends as desired. Once information is entered, it is stored for pre-populating referral fields later.

Finally, jobs can be selected from a built-in job search and friends can be selected to refer with a click of a button.

Friends can be referred to one job at a time or several at once and the status of each referral is tracked and reported to the employee all the way through the hiring process.

The most exciting part is this cost-effective solution is the referral system is completely on automatic pilot. Your recruiters only have to get involved when a referral is made, leaving them to focus entirely on their other recruiting tasks.

If you’d like to learn more about TeamUp Now, you can read more here or simply contact us.

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