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Your career pages are the first impression you make on a candidate, and there’s no doubt you understand how important first impressions are.

Just as you review candidates based on your impressions of them, they judge your facility.

Are you making the best impression you can make? Are you providing your candidates with the information they need to learn about your facility, your culture, your interview and hiring processes? Are you making it incredibly easy for your candidates to find and apply for a job?

The job market favors the job seeker. Are you doing everything you can to encourage candidates to apply for your jobs? Or are you pushing them to your competitor?

How effective of an attract-and-engage career site do you have?

Right now, for a limited number of healthcare facilities, we’re offering, at no charge, a full review and report of your online recruiting presence and job search capabilities.

Here’s how we’ll rate your career pages or site:

  • User Experience – How easy is it for your candidates to find your career section, find a job, and apply.
  • Informative and helpful – Are you providing all the organizational information so that your candidate can make an informed decision. Are you sharing information on your hiring process?
  • Mobile Friendly – Is your career site experience entirely mobile for phone and tablet?
  • Facility Profile – Does your career site cover your company’s culture? Work environment? Does it describe your facility and tell a compelling story?
  • Visibility – Can candidates find and easily navigate your career site and all the information available?

Your report will include images and detailed information and suggestions for improvement if we determine any are required.

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