RightJobNow Email Marketing

Powerful Messaging. Beautiful Design. Perfectly Tailored.

We make email marketing easier, faster, and exciting!

RightJobNow provides custom design email to promote your brand and attain higher click-through rates for your email marketing success.

We create your message, design the email, publish to your contacts, perform A/B testing to improve open and click-through rates, and collect important data on who’s opening your emails and what works best.

RightJobNow delivers everything you need to connect with job seekers and refine your email recruitment strategy so your efforts reach more candidates faster.

You do nothing but reap the rewards.


Email Marketing ROI: 122%

Email Built for Your Organization.

RightJobNow email solutions are modern, mobile, and responsive on all browsers and mail clients. We create custom branded messaging that is professional, impresses and engages, and shows candidates interested in your organization that you are the employer of choice for them.

Make an Impact today!

RightJobNow Email Marketing Is A Total Email Solution.

Send and track emails that look fantastic on every device.

  • Image-Hosted Custom Emails
  • Email tracking
  • A/B testing
  • Mobile & Responsive Emails
  • Scheduled Release
  • Web Versioning
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Data Analytics